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[春回大地] OPI Fiji 2017春夏斐濟系列指甲油


爆竹一聲除舊歲,OPI 率先推出 2017 春夏系列 – 斐濟 FIJI,繼續延續上年粉嫩系色彩外,今年還加入了奪目的鮮艷色系,兩者形成對比仍能流露出春天風采,其中「Two-Timing The Zones」粉中帶紫,感覺清新,是今年春夏的大熱顏色。


NLF80 Two-Timing The Zones

NLF81 Living On The Bula-Vard!

NLF82 Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon

NLF83 Polly Want A Lacquer?

NLF84 Do You Sea What I Sea

NLF85 Is That A Apear In Your Pocket?

NLF86 I Can Never Hut Up

NLF87 Super Trop-I-Cal-I-Fiji-Istic

NLF88 Suzi Without A Paddle

NLF89 Coconuts Over OPI

NLF90 No Tan Lines

NLF91 Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet


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