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[秋冬大熱] OPI Breakfast At Tiffany’s 系列 LED Gelcolor Soak Off Gel


OPI「Breakfast At Tiffany’s」LED Gelcolor Soak Off Gel 系列在今個秋冬已經成大熱,而小編最喜歡 BREAKFAST AT TIFFIANY’S + FIVE-AND-TEN,粉白色配香檳色閃粉,即時成為氣質女神;喜歡型格少少可以選擇矮瓜色 RICH & BRAZILIAN 或粉藍 I BELIEVE IN MANICURES 配深寶石藍 BLACK DRESS NOT OPTIONAL。


HRH01 I Believe in Manicures

HRH02 Champagne for Breakfast

HRH03 Black Dress Not Optional

HRH04 Apartment for Two

HRH05 Five-and-Ten

HRH06 Rich & Brazilian

HRH07 Meet My “Decorator”

HRH08 Got the Mean Reds

HRH09 Fire Escape Rendexvous

HRH10 Breakfast at Tiffany’s

HRH11 Sunrise…Bedtime!

HRH12 Can’t Read Without My LipstickWithout



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