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買 Soak-off Gel 送手提箱! OPI LED Gelcolor Nail Essentials Kit

Nail Essentials Kit - OPI LED Gel Color
Bohemian同步推出的另一系列 OPI LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel 還有從Mariah Carey Holiday Collection中挑選的6隻顏色Color Gel。這個系列極富節日氣色。OPI將此命名為Nail Essentails Kit,可想而知當中的顏色自然是偏向大路及百搭。

如果你喜歡DIY Gel Nails,這系列是入門首選。還附送了一個銀色長方型手提箱,可以將產品好好整理保存!

My Favorite Ornament HLE44 – My Favorite Ornament
In My Santa Suit HLE45 – In My Santa Suit
Visions of Love HLE46 – Visions of Love
Warm Me Up HLE47 – Warm Me Up
Wonderous Star HLE48 – Wonderous Star
All Sparkly and Gold HLE49 – All Sparkly and gold




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