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閃粉Gel注意! OPI萬千星輝布公仔2014 Most Wanted LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

LED Muppets (Medium)

「OPI 萬千星輝布公仔 2014 Most Wanted」都推出LED GELCOLOR Soak-off Gel了,挑選的四支顏色都是閃粉,我特別喜歡 MUPPETS WORLD TOUR 和 GAINING MOLE-MENTURN。前者銀閃作底,配有藍粉白閃,看上去十分立體;後者則像金箔,貴氣非凡。


GCM75    Muppets World Tour
GCM78    Let’s Do Anything We Want!
GCM79    Kermit Me to Speak
GCM80    Gaining Mole-mentum




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