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2018春季OPI指甲油系列 ─ Lisbon終於到港

到啦到啦!2018春季OPI指甲油系列 ─ Lisbon終於到港,以不同深淺的粉紅色作成套系列的主要顏色,像一朵又一朵的小花,無論對鍾情粉紅色女生,還有喜愛特別顏色的女生都一一能滿足到,其中芥末黃及天空藍是必試之選。

NLL15 Made It To The Seventh Hill!
NLL16 Lisbon Wants Moor OPI
NLL17 You’ve Got Nata On Me
NLL18 Tagus In That Selfie!
NLL19 No Turning Back From Pink Street
NLL20 We Seafood And Eat It
NLL21 Now Museum, Now You Don’t
NLL22 A Red-Vival City
NLL23 Sun, Sea And Sand In My Pants
NLL24 Closer Than You Might Belém
NLL25 Tile Art To Warm Your Heart
NLL26 Suzi Chases Portu-Geese




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