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More than Lacquer – Nicole by OPI’s Nail Products

Nicole by OPI's Nail Products

As a fan of nail polishes, believe we are no strangers to OPI’s top coat and base coat.  Besides OPI, one of its sub lines – Nicole by OPI has also contained a collection of peripheral products.  Quality backed up by OPI yet with a relatively budgeted price:


Nicole by OPI - Base Coat Plus Base Coat Plus

  • For real nail: Smoothen ridges, prevent peeling.
  • For artificial nail: Keep your Acrylic nails stainless, carefree when exchange from dark-light color lacquers.


Nicole by OPI - Top Coat Plus Top Coat Plus

  • Beside bring glossiness, the coat could slight filter UV rays so as to prevent nail lacquers color from fading, make the color sustainable.


Nicole by OPI - Brightener Plus Brightener Plus

  • Formula infused with light-reflecting pigments which restores brilliance to dull, yellowing nails


Nicole by OPI - Moisture Plus Moisture Plus

  • Formula infused with conditioning Safflower Seed Oil and Panthenol, Bamboo and Cactus extracts to moisturizes dry and peeling nails or reinforces nails.


Nicole by OPI - Strengther Plus Strengther Plus

  • Formula infused with Safflower Seed Oil & Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract to promote nail growth; Hydrolyzed Soy, Wheat and Oat Proteins to rebuild nail proten.


Nicole by OPI - Vitamin Plus Vitamin Plus

  • Formula infused with Vitamins A, C & E to fortifies Nails.
  • Can use alone or as a base coat.

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