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OPI 愛麗斯夢遊仙境系列 LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

20160527 OPI Alice Through the Looking Gelcolor

OPI 為了今年六月上演的電影「愛麗斯夢遊仙境2之穿越魔鏡」除了推出愛麗斯系列指甲油外,還同步推出了 LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel系列,讓大家一邊陶醉於這套推出一套感覺華麗又瘋狂的色彩,一邊重回異想天開的世界裡,再一次重新冒險。


NL BA1 The I’s Have It

NL BA2 Oh My Majesty!

NL BA3 What’s the Hatter with You?

NL BA4 I’m Gown for Anything!

NL BA5 Fearlessly Alice

NL BA6 A Mirror Escape

NL BA7 Having a Big Head Day

NL BA8 Mad for Madness Sake


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