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OPI Euro Centrale Collection – 2013 Spring/Summer

Euro Centrale (Medium)

This is a fun collection to MIX and MATCH! Euro Centrale Chic; think Prague, Budapest, Warsaw. These colors are totally different to other OPI ranges. The whole collection is light and more water based. Some of the colors are not easy to work with on your own. If you dare wear blue nail polish this is the perfect collection for you. From dark to light, as well as a hexagon-glitter in blue tone – “Polka.com”. “Polka.com” & “Oy-Another Polish Joke” are the 2 colors to play mix and match; you could use alone or add on a little glitter from the cream based colors. Personally, I think “Can’t Find My Czechbook” is quite refreshing; it brings you a sense of spring! It’s a light, bright sky blue (almost tiffany blue) – great for toe nails; may be a bit playful/child-like if on all 10 fingernails, but you can pair with “Eurso Euro” / “Vant To Bite My Neck” the look is just perfect!

NLE 71 Polka.com – Blue Green, Pink, Pale Purple Shinny Powder
NLE 72 OPI…Eurso Euro – Sapphire
NLE 73 Suzi’s Hungary Again! – Pink with Shinny Powder
NLE 74 You’re Such a Budapest – Pale Lavender with Shinny Powder
NLE 75 Can’t Find My Czechbook – Sky blue
NLE 76 My Paprika is Hotter Than Yours! – Orange with Shinny Powder
NLE 77 Hands Off My Kielbasa! – Pale Pink
NLE 78 Oy-Another Polish Jokei – Transparent Gold Shinny Powder
NLE 79 A Woman’s Prague-ative – Copper with Shinny Gold
NLE 80 Vant To Bite My Neck? – Deep Purple
NLE 81 I Saw…U Saw…We Saw…Warsaw – Deep Blue
NLE 82 My Vampire is Buff – Light Yellow to Milk
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