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OPI New Polish – The Amazing Spider-man


OPI has been cooperating with different movie companies to launch new collections in the past. Did you notice that movies OPI chose were seldom very feminine ones? Instead they used movies with very strong theme e.g.Pirates of the Carribeans, Shrek etc., so the collections always lead to new color trend!

As you can imagine, for “The Amazing Spiderman”, color-wise the choice was definitely Blue + Red. Though Spiderman’s Blue + Red costume is quite manly, when they are separately used on nails, they are very classic nail colors! With the Green Shatter in this collection, you just can’t stop thinking about his spider web! Watch out for the glamorous green! Highly recommended.

Here we go! Six main colors plus one green shatter.

DSCN1798 NL M33 – Your Web or Mine?
DSCN1801 NL M34 – Into the Night
DSCN1804 NL M35 – Call Me Gwen-ever
DSCN1803 NL M36 – Just Spotted the Lizard
DSCN1793 NL M37 – My Boyfriend Scales Walls
DSCN1807 NL M38 – Number One Nemesis
P7213234a NL E66  –Shatter the Scales

How would you like to match the colors?

At the same time, OPI launched another series of Vintage Minnie Mouse. The colors are cute and colorful. It is definitely worth a try.


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