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[Sparkle your nail] Crystal Pixie by Swarovski

The new Crystal Pixie by Swarovski for nails inspire our creativity. It offers 4 collections to match your taste – Cute Mood, Rock Shock, Deluxe Rush and Classy Sassy. The box contains a bottle of Crystal Pixie, 30 pieces of Rhinestones of Swarovski in 3 colours, a funnel, safety instructions and user instructions.


The 4 collections actually offer 4 different colours. The size of crystal in the Crystal Pixie bottle is as tiny as 1.5mm. They are tiny cut and round crystals which sparkle your nails and allows you to create your nails anytime.


It’s user-friendly. Pick the nail varnish you like and apply the first layer and let it dry. Then apply the 2nd layer. Before it’s dry, sprinkle the Crystal Pixie on your nail. The amount your sprinkle depends on your preference. Press gently to make sure the Pixie sticks onto the nail firmly and remove any excess from the edges of the nail. Finally apply the top coat so that it will last for a longer period. When you want to try a new colour, just use nail varnish remover to get rid of it. It’s super easy!


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