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The Hip and Lively Nail Lacquer – Nicole by OPI

Nicole by OPI”, as its name, we all knew that Nicole is a sub-brand of OPI. It was established by Mr. George Schaefer for the birth of his daughter, and this explains why the colors are relatively dolly and hip. Choice of colors tends to be flourishing, to bring up a lively, vigorous image; which is very different from OPI collections’ classy and elegant image.


Nicole is now expanding their collections, adding more and more to grow their lacquers family bigger. Each of their collections has a distinguishing theme and they usually partner up with different celebrities; for example the most recent “Selena Gomez” collection and the “Modern Family” collection.


If you want to go wild or get funky occasionally… you may not find many choices from OPI’s collections; while Nicole could fill this insufficiency just right. All sorts of ultra-bling glitters; shocking sharp colors could be found from Nicole. They are perfect for nail arts, stage or art performances, or costume play etc.


Visit this link if you would like to check out more about Nicole’s collections:


http://opi.matizon.com/en/Nicole.shtml – for Hong Kong

http://www.nicolebyopi.com/ – for Global


Nicole has a curved shape bottle; long and slim lid, designed for a better grip when users are painting. While the brush is the same as OPI, using the ProWide TM extra wide brush. Texture of the lacquers is relatively sheerer, thinner and watery which is perfect for nail painting beginners. Most importantly, lacquers of Nicole are also DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde FREE!


Besides color lacquers, there are also affiliated nail care products, we will introduce them to you in our next post!
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