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貼石神器 – 甩石都可以輕鬆自己fix

相信唔少女生幫指甲扮靚靚嘅時間,都會選擇貼閃石嚟點綴一下,但始終閃石係3D 嘅 nail art,所以比較難喺指甲上last得耐,不過最近韓國即將推出一款新產品,正正係喜愛貼閃石女生嘅恩物!

為甚麼仍然有人鍾情水晶甲 Acrylic Nail ?

Soak Off Gel 現在款式又多使用上又方便,而水晶甲 Acrylic Nail 有這麼多缺點,為甚麼仍然有人鍾情水晶甲 Acrylic Nail 呢?

[Futuristic & Stylish] Copper Wire Nail Art

The amazing glass nail has mesmerized so many of us.  Next thing comes along that catches so much attention in the nail art trend is Copper Wire.

銅絲線甲藝 Nail Art 前衛時尚又型格

玻璃指甲在美甲掀起一片熱潮後,最近流行一款「銅絲線」甲藝 Nail Art,給人一種感覺前衛又型格。

Nail Trend at a Glance – Evolving off nail style throughout the recent decades

The trendy ladies have been changing lots in this hundred year. The look of their nails in shapes and in shades. Here let us discuss about the evolving off nail style throughout the recent decades.

[Nail Art 教學] Swarovski Crystal Pixie 水晶砂指甲油美甲彩繪教學篇

看了兩套用 Swarovski Crystal Pixie 水晶砂而做的 NAIL ART 後,是不是都有一股衝動想試下呢?等我來一個很簡單的教學,比塗甲油更容易、更快捷。

[Nail Art Classroom] Swarovski Crystal Pixie Nail Design

We have shown you some gorgeous nail art designs with Swarovski Crystal Pixie in the previous two lessons. This time, we are going to teach you step by step a no-none sense way of application that is simple but stunning.

2016 Hottest and coolest in nail art trends (2 of 3)

Here come another three hot and cool ideas to dress up your nails.

[Nail Art in Grey] SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL PIXIE – Rock Shock

Rock Shock, the Swarovski Crystal Pixie Collection, contains a grey base color, and tiny unfaceted star shaped crystals which is brilliant for nail art.

[Light Hormanic] SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL PIXIE – Cute Mood

The third set of SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL PIXIE is called Cute […]