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What are Acrylic Nails made of?

When it comes to creating an illusion of longer and slimmer fingers, acrylic nails can do the tricks. How much do you really know about acrylic nails? What are they actually made off?

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We are celebrating our 16 years of nail beauty service during our Anniversary month in October. We are offering discounts in all our nail services along with a small customer appreciation gift.

[16週年感謝月] 指甲服務享折扣優惠 再送精緻小禮物

生日快樂!又一年了,今年是第十六年!十月是 Rainbow Nails 的週年紀念月,希望大家都可以一齊慶祝及報答客人多年來的支持😊 ,由2020年10月8日至11月6日,凡惠顧指甲服務,都會享有折扣優惠,而且我們還會送上小禮物,小小心意答謝大家支持 !

水晶甲 Acrylic Nail 有甚麼好處呢?

Acrylic Nail 水晶甲質地堅固耐用,同時亦有矯正甲型作用,可因個人喜好和需要做出不同的長短和厚薄。如有延長的需要可以利用甲片或紙托,完成後的效果仿真度極高,指甲新長出來的位置亦並不顯眼,因此水晶甲是咬甲、軟甲、短甲、容易斷甲和有分層甲的人仕的救星 !

Why Would Anyone Be Fond of Acrylic Nails?

Soft Gel Nails are so popular and easy to handle. Why would anyone still go for acrylic nails?

為甚麼仍然有人鍾情水晶甲 Acrylic Nail ?

Soak Off Gel 現在款式又多使用上又方便,而水晶甲 Acrylic Nail 有這麼多缺點,為甚麼仍然有人鍾情水晶甲 Acrylic Nail 呢?

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[高級組DIY] 運用 CND SHELLAC 設計簡單 Nail Art 甲藝四步曲

今次就來跟大家一步一步溫習基本的過程,及介紹一個簡易的甲藝給高級組的玩家!今次和大家重溫,使用的產品是CND Shellac。

Mother’s Day Promotion – Get your nails done with Mummy!

Spoil your mum this year at Rainbow Nails for any hands or foot treatment and then your mum will get a 50% off offer!

What is Acrylic Nail? History of Artificial Nail

Most people confused about what exactly is being used to make their nails look nice! This article introduce you to the classic idea of artificial nail, which is Acrylic Nail.