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What is American Manicure?

Yes, American Manicure is originated from America. What makes it different?

美式修甲 (American Manicure) 是什麼?

美式修甲的英文是American manicure,當然發源於美國,跟傳統修甲方式不同之處是不需用水先浸軟手皮,我們將介紹一下美式修甲的做法和好處。

[Summer Nail Art] Flamingo

Flamingos are always a thing of fascination.  After all, who can take their eyes off from those exotic pink feathers and their elegant posture ? Let us show you how to make a gorgeous tropical flamingo nail here.



Nail Polish Remover Magic Canister – Nail Polish Came off by 3 seconds!

Removing nail polish can be such a hassle. This magic canister from Japan can make your life much easier.

2016 Hottest and coolest in nail art trends (3 of 3)

Now, here comes the third post on 2016’s favorite nail ideas.

[優惠] 週日手腳護理優惠


[影片教學] 2分鐘學懂美式修甲 American Manicure

美式修甲 (American Manicure) 跟傳統修甲方法不同的地方,主要是工具方面是一部電銼和兩個不同形狀的轉頭,並分為三大步驟。看看影片示範, 2分鐘就學懂!

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