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Scottish Plaids – OPI 2019 Scotland Collection Nail Lacquer

Inspired by the 2019 Fashion Week in Paris, OPI Scotland collection nail polish brought to you the beautiful shades of Scottish plaids.

[Nail Art for New Year] Shades of Red

New Year marks the time for changing season. We are going to talk about three different warm nail ideas.

[Promotion] Manicure + OPI SPA Hand Treatment (Nov 2018)

You can now enjoy the hand treatment with the OPI SPA collection as well as manicure service with only $280 in this month!

[秋色宜人] OPI Iceland 冰島系列 LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

上次介紹了 OPI 2017 Iceland 的秋冬季系列指甲油,一套12枝,身為 OPI 的粉絲,除了留意甲油外,Gelcolor Soak-off Gel 一定也不會錯過! 今次重點推介 -Less is Norse,就是 OPI Iceland Collection 冰島系列 Poster上 Model 使用的顏色。

The Stunning Autumn Shades of OPI Iceland 2017 Fall/Winter Collection LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

Last time we showed you the OPI Iceland 2017 F/W Collection of twelfth polish shades.  I am sure all you OPI fans out there will not want to miss the Gelcolor collection also.  Here let us focus on what the model on the OPI ICELAND COLLECTION POSTER is wearing. It is: -LESSIS NORSE.

[Coming Soon] OPI Breakfast at Tiffany’s Collection Nail Lacquer

After launching the Washington D.C. Autumn/Winter series, OPI continues to indulge our eyes with the newest HOLIDAY COLLECTION─Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

[神秘 • Cyber] OPI Starlight Collection 指甲油

OPI 秋冬系列 VENICE Collection 推出不夠一個月,大家還未有時間把顏色試真,OPI又再接再厲推出了另一套秋冬系列 HOLIDAY COLLECTION-Starlight!

[北歐風情] OPI 2014秋季北方系列 Nordic Collection 指甲油

不經不覺,又到了深色出場的時侯,OPI 推出2014秋季 NORDIC COLLECTION。雖則說秋天系列,但選色方面比較創新,寶石綠、嬌艷粉、寶藍偏紫,較SPECIAL!誰說天氣冷就要黑黑沉沉?配上這些顏色更顯型格。

OPI Nordic Collection 2014 Autumn Nail Lacquer

While conceptualizing the shades of the Nordic Collection, the designer gazed in wonder at the region’s topography – from the northern lights and midnight sun to lava flats and deep fjords…

[香車美人] OPI 福特 Mustang 跑車系列 Ford Mustang Collection 指甲油

顧名思義是與福特汽車的crossover吧!名車總是與美人連在一起;而 OPI,與美不能分割的一個大品牌,今次都為慶祝 Mustang 型號跑車50週年,添上些色彩!系列共有6個顏色,你又有否見過噴上這些顏色的 Mustang 跑車呢?