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OPI AVOJUICE Hand Cream 花香味新成員

OPI AVOJUICE Hand Cream 手部護理潤手霜又有新成員了,今次的香味都是環繞花味,是紫羅蘭和牡丹及罌粟花,不會太俗氣也不會太甜,還有一套六枝的迷你OPI AVOJUICE以供選擇!

OPI AVOJUICE Hand Cream New Flowery Members

By OPI’s New Peony & Poppy, Violet Orchid hand cream as well as the new Mini package of 6 fragrances, you can pamper your hands and refresh your mind with different fragrances every day!

OPI Mini Polish Set Product promotion(September & October 2010)

If you purchase any Mini Polish Set @ $150 you get a fr […]


凡購買OPI迷你甲油系列一套HKD$150,即可免費獲送OPI鮮果水份潤膚露1oz乙支 原價HKD$180 A […]

購買OPI Avojuice Hand Cream 優惠(七月八月2010)

購買OPI Avojuice Hand Cream +OPI Rapidry Top Coat 只需$190( […]

OPI Avojuice Hand cream Promotion(July-August2010)

OPI Avojuice Hand Cream200ml+ OPI Rapidry Top Coat 15ml […]