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OPI SPA – Rescue Dry Hands with a SPA

Wanna rescure your dry hands? Treat them to a spa during manicure! This treatment can make your manicure lasts longer. Try the all new OPI SPA.

OPI 全新 ProSpa 專業手足修護系列 保護皮膚彈性增強保濕抗衰老

OPI推出全新提升版手足修護系列「ProSpa」,由加州皮膚科名醫(Zena Gabriel)加入研發團隊全程監督,是史上第一個結合皮膚專家知識與OPI品牌專業研發的新系列。

[手腳護理教學] 冬日手腳護理 在家也可令手腳變得潤滑


[Tutorial] 3 steps tips to shake off the glitters

We love glitter as it’s easy to apply, dries fast… we hate it only because it is hard to remove! There are 3-steps tips to shake off the glitters.

Rainbow Nails 9週年第二驚喜! 買指定 OPI 牛油果滋潤修護系列送 OPI 指甲油一枝

購買 OPI “牛油果滋潤修護系列” 的 Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Oil 和 High-intensity Hand & Nail Cream 即送一支 NICOLE by OPI 指甲油 (可自由選擇顏色)。

O.P.I Rapidry TopCoat or Avoplex Cuticle Oil 優惠(12月2009)

O.P.I Rapidry TopCoat 光澤快乾面油 或 Avoplex Cuticle oil 牛油果角 […]