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OPI 2017 Soak-off Gel Bi-Phase LED/UV Lamp – Faster Cure for Better Gel Nail

OPI developed New generation bi-phase LED/UV Lamp in partnership with LG Innotek.  The device features Opticure and Bi-Phase Technologies which can effectively help reducing the need for using multiple lights to cure soak-off gel nails.

OPI 2017 LED燈機支援Bi-Phase雙波長 Gel甲更快捷效果更佳

OPI 與 LG Innotek 聯手研發推出新一代 Soak-off Gel LED UV 燈機,配備 Opticure 和 Bi-Phase 技術,支援兩種不同波長 UV 配合不同需要,減少使用 LED Soak-off Gel 後需要重覆照燈的次數。