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15 minutes to keep your feet skin soft! OPI Callus Therapy and Double Coverage

Imagine if your feet are dry and scaly, no matter what trendy colors you put on the toenails or what fashionable sandals you wear, it simply doesn’t feel right. OPI has launched a perfect product for the busy bees

15分鐘令雙腳滑漏! OPI腳部護理孖寶 Callus Therapy 和 Double Coverage

夏季的造型當然少不得一雙又Colorful又Juicy既涼鞋,但怎樣可以令自己雙腳 keep 住又滑漏又 juicy?


夏天經常開冷氣加上常常穿涼鞋,足部的表面和腳踭,甚至整條小腿都會比較乾燥,除了冷氣影響,其實接受了光學脫毛後的 […]