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Christmas Nail Art Recommendations (Part 2)

Last time, we introduced some holiday nail designs that everyone loved. This time, let’s explore more Christmas gel nail art styles!

Christmas Nail Art Recommendations (Part 1)

It’s Christmas time again! We have gathered different Christmas-themed nail designs for everyone to create a festive atmosphere with their nails!


上次介紹了一些節日的美甲款式,大家都很喜歡,今次就再介紹多幾款聖誕 Gel 甲 Nail Art 款式!


又到聖誕! 小編為大家搜羅不同的聖誕主題美甲款式,讓大家可以跟著做一個充滿節日氣氛的甲款!

想畫一個 Nail Art 去聖誕 Party?

很快就聖誕節了! 想畫一個 Nail Art 去聖誕 Party 嗎? Whatsapp 預約: 9093 2 […]

[不只是紅紅綠綠] 不一樣的聖誕美甲款式

又到聖誕~ 疫情下雖然大家未必有太多約會,但聖誕前女士們亦可以幫指甲做些聖誕款式 Nail Art,增加多點聖誕感覺!

Christmazing Nail Art

This Christmas you may have to lock yourself at home. But that should not stop you from dressing up. After all, you might get a surprise visit from the Internet! So let me give you a surprise idea on Christmas nail art. Let us ditch the tacky red and green colors.

Party Nail Design for Festivals

If you want to dazzle in Count down parties, we have got some nail design for you to Check out! You might find something you like!

聖誕節做邊款 Nail Art 設計好?

聖誕節又到喇~ 大家諗好要幫指甲做邊款設計未呢?小編就做左幾款聖誕系列既 Nail Art 美甲彩繪設計比大家參考攞下靈感~~

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