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[Twinkling] CND Shellac 2016 StarStruck Collection Soak-off Gel

Different styles of twinkling particles bottled in glossy SHELLAC colors to create gorgeous radiance on the nails.

2016 Hottest and coolest in nail art trends (2 of 3)

Here come another three hot and cool ideas to dress up your nails.

上班又得 型格又得! CND Shellac Gel甲組合混色大圖鑑

又到夏季了,大家除了忙碌著換夏日時裝外,別忘了Soak Off Gel的顏色亦要跟著配合轉變!今個夏天開始試試棄單一色系,混出自己獨愛的顏色組合吧!

[高級組DIY] 運用 CND SHELLAC 設計簡單 Nail Art 甲藝四步曲

今次就來跟大家一步一步溫習基本的過程,及介紹一個簡易的甲藝給高級組的玩家!今次和大家重溫,使用的產品是CND Shellac。

CND Shellac Soak-off Gel 2013 Autumn Collection – The Forbidden Collection

A collection that will intoxicate you in the Autumn melancholy! With autumn already upon us, 6 colours have arrived in Hong Kong this week.

CND Vinylux: A brand new fast-drying week-long polish system

CND surprise us with VINYLUX – a brand new polish system. It provides fast-drying, week-long, chip-free wear that allows for fashionable, flawless fingertips lasting for one whole week!

CND新配方指甲油Vinylux 不用照UV燈8.5分鐘乾甲保持光亮7天!

CND今個暑假發行新配方指甲油”Vinylux”,總共有62色選擇,不用照UV燈也可以保持光亮7天,乾甲時間更短一半,只需8.5分鐘! 暫定下月來港跟各位見面了!!

July-August OPI Gift Set Product Promotion( July & August 2012)

Gift set for you and your best friend , only $200 for a […]