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[Fans注意!] OPI x Hello Kitty 粉嫩色系指甲油

OPI已與多位卡通人物crossover過,米妮、史努比等等……今年秋冬主角是大家必定認識的卡通人物 HELLO KITTY!

OPI 可口可樂系列 Coca-Cola Collection 指甲油

聽說這個 Crossover 概念由構思到真正實行經歷了4年之久,現在終於面世了。Coca-Cola Red紅色,靈感來源明顯地是原味可口可樂的包裝顏色;Orange You Fantastic!橙色,靈感來自芬逹橙汁…其它的名字你又猜到它的飲品嗎?

[香車美人] OPI 福特 Mustang 跑車系列 Ford Mustang Collection 指甲油

顧名思義是與福特汽車的crossover吧!名車總是與美人連在一起;而 OPI,與美不能分割的一個大品牌,今次都為慶祝 Mustang 型號跑車50週年,添上些色彩!系列共有6個顏色,你又有否見過噴上這些顏色的 Mustang 跑車呢?

OPI Coca-Cola Collection Nail Lacquer

OPI and Coca-Cola has been discussed for 4 years for this collection and now they are brewing! Come hydrate your precious nails with these new brews!

OPI Ford Mustang Collection Nail Lacquer

A collaboration of OPI with Ford for celebrating the 50th anniversary of the classic Ford Mustang. Have you ever see automobiles in these 6 colors of shades too?

Gel with Coke! OPI Coca-Cola Collection LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

Out of the 9 colors in OPI Coca-Cola Collection Nail Lacquer, only 3 of them are being chosen for LED Gel colors, and the honor goes to: Vanilla Coke, Grape Soda and Fanta!

可樂Gel甲! OPI 可口可樂系列 LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

在可口可樂系列裡 OPI 單單選取了3個顏色作為LED Gel,得奬者是:雲尼拿可樂、葡萄汔水和芬逹!

OPI x CocaCola Collection Nail Lacquer

A crossover collection with 9 colors as each bottle represents a signature beverage of the brand. Can you guess which beverages they are representing?

OPI x 「可口可樂」 Collection 指甲油

這個OPI x Coca Cola Crossover 系列每支指甲油的靈感都來源於可口可樂旗下的飲品,你能猜出代表的飲品是什麼嗎?