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Gel甲又想淺色又想深色 – Gel II™ Reaction gel polish

Gel甲又想淺色又想深色 – Gel II™ Reaction gel polish

秋冬人氣精選! OPI Measure Up To Color 指甲油

轉季了轉季了,整個夏天都用鮮艷的顏色,一下子‧‧是不是想不到用什麼顏色呢? Opi已經十分細心幫各美媚啦,就是分別由w42和l87組成的秋天色彩。

In-stock finally! OPI Bohemians Collection LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

OPI has chosen 6 colors from the San Francisco collection and launched Gel colors variance – Bohemians Collection. Check out if OPI has picked your favorite!

CND Shellac Soak-off Gel 2013 Autumn Collection – The Forbidden Collection

A collection that will intoxicate you in the Autumn melancholy! With autumn already upon us, 6 colours have arrived in Hong Kong this week.

醉心之神秘感! CND Shellac 全新 2013 陶醉的秋天系列 Forbidden Collection

CND SHELLAC Soak off gel 全新 2013 秋季系列 Forbidden Collection 已登陸香港了,一套六支,分別帶有神秘感的DARK DAHLIA和NIGHT GLIMMER,還有使人心醉的TINTED LOVE。濃烈的色彩跟「秋」十分配合,感覺神秘又浪漫。