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OPI Mexico City 2020 S/S LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

This LED Gelcolor soak-off gel collection reminds me of the Disney hit movie – Coco. I saw so much of Mexican cultures and traditions through the twelve vibrant shades.


OPI “The Nutcracker” collection LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel is using various vibrant shades to represent the different scenes and special experiences in the movie.

[OPI x DISNEY] OPI 胡桃夾子 The Nutcracker 假日系列 LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

OPI 這個 2018 壓軸胡桃夾子假日系列 The Nutcracker Collection 整個構思其實是來自 DISNEY電影,講述女主角尋找一條鑰匙去打開母親留給她的禮物,之後走入不同的奇幻國度。

[OPI x DISNEY] OPI 2018 假日系列 – The Nutcracker 胡桃夾子指甲油


[又靚又易學] 萬聖節 Halloween Nail Art 美甲彩繪教學


Special Edition in OPI Alice Collection: What time isn’t it?

Besides OPI’s Alice Through the Looking Glass collection, there is even a special edition dark blue-grey polish with silver strands.

OPI x Disney Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection Nail Lacquer

In this June, Disney presents their brand new Alice in Wonderland movie ; and In this collaboration, OPI presents Alice Through the Looking Glass 2016 8 shades collection.

OPI 2014 Muppets Most Wanted Collection LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

OPI has finally picked 4 out of 12 colors in Muppets Most Wanted Nail Lacquer for its LED GelColor Soak-off Gel Collection. Respectively below: 3 of them are sparkles, and the rest is a pearly light purple. Don’t miss on these colors if you’re looking for outstanding blings!

閃粉Gel注意! OPI萬千星輝布公仔2014 Most Wanted LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

「OPI 萬千星輝布公仔 2014 Most Wanted」都推出LED GELCOLOR Soak-off Gel了,挑選的四支顏色都是閃粉,我特別喜歡 MUPPETS WORLD TOUR 和 GAINING MOLE-MENTURN。前者銀閃作底,配有藍粉白閃,看上去十分立體;後者則像金箔,貴氣非凡。

OPI 萬千星輝布公仔 2014 指甲油 Muppets Most Wanted Collection