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Baby French Manicure – Exquisite Beauty Beyond Traditional French Manicure

Do you like clean and elegant traditional French manicure? Why not try the popular trend of 2024, the Baby French Manicure? It presents a more delicate and modern beauty.

Elegant Halloween Nail Recommendations

Halloween is coming, and if you want to create gel nails that combine the holiday atmosphere with a fashionable style, we have some recommendations for simple yet elegant designs. Let’s see how we can create a Halloween ambiance while showcasing elegance and style, making you unique and charming during the festivities.

NAIL n THINGS – Elegant and Fashionable Hong Kong-made Nail Stickers

Some nail stickers is a bit avant-garde and exaggerated, while OLs prefer elegant and fashionable designs. Two college classmates saw this gap in the market and start Nail n Things…

[Less is more] Easy and Elegant Nail Art Tutorial

The word manicured sometimes can make people think of the tacky big bright nails or trashy gemstone look. Actually, Nail art design can be easy and elegant.

OPI Starlight Collection LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

OPI STARLIGHT collection, a set of 18 different bottles are now available with GELCOLOR Soak-off Gel. An elegant series and its own temptation.

[Contrasting Elegance] CND Shellac Contradictions Collection Soak-off Gel

Break the pattern for fail. Textures & tones collide for a contrasting elegance. Unexpected. Dynamic. Daring.