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Pointed Toe Insoles

Pointed high-heels give a great executive image to working mothers but god knows how much it hurts, especially since the pointy top squeezes the toes up so tightly. How can we relieve it?

4 ways to ease Dry Heels – Last Point is the most important

Dry heels is a common problem among men and women alike during change of seasons. What are the causes of dry heels? And how can we resolve this problem?

What are Corns? How are they different from Viral Warts and Calluses?

Sometimes there are patches of hard, thickened skin appear on the feet or the hands. How can you tell whether they are corns, warts or calluses?

[Promotion] Express Manicure and Soak-off Gel Pedicure (Apr-Jun 2019)

Our promotions this time can take care of both your hands and your feet. For $780, customers can enjoy both express manicure and soak-off Gel pedicure.

The Evolution from OPI Avoplex to OPI Pro Spa

The OPI Avoplex -Avocado Spa was a super-nourishing system. It repaired and replenished dry skin with natural avocado oil. Recently , OPI has stopped the production of this line and developed a new and even more advanced formula called “PRO SPA”.

[PROMOTION] Enjoy Special Offer for MANI + PEDI at $400 (March/April 2018)

Enjoy special offer for Manicure & Pedicure service at $400 (Orignal Price:$560)  in March and April!

15 minutes to keep your feet skin soft! OPI Callus Therapy and Double Coverage

Imagine if your feet are dry and scaly, no matter what trendy colors you put on the toenails or what fashionable sandals you wear, it simply doesn’t feel right. OPI has launched a perfect product for the busy bees

15分鐘令雙腳滑漏! OPI腳部護理孖寶 Callus Therapy 和 Double Coverage

夏季的造型當然少不得一雙又Colorful又Juicy既涼鞋,但怎樣可以令自己雙腳 keep 住又滑漏又 juicy?

Shellac Soak off Feet Promotion! $790 with FREE Express Pedicure in July

Enjoy our july 2013 special promotion for Shellac Soak off Feet at $790 with FREE Express Pedicure!