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3-steps to DIY French Polish

Previously we shared how to do your own manicure and nail care. This time we will talk about making French Polish.


夏天又到了,想雙手換上簡潔的感覺, 本月只需$650即可做法式可卸式甲油 原價$950(可選延長服務) 快來為 […]

French Style Soak Off Gel Nails Promotion (May & June 2012 )

Good News for people with short nails! Special promotio […]

OPI Axxium Soak Off gel @ Clear Overlay GeL

還記得數月前我為你們推介的Thick Gel Sealer嗎?不知道你們用後感覺如何呢?在今季OPI除了推出了 […]