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Baby French Manicure – Exquisite Beauty Beyond Traditional French Manicure

Do you like clean and elegant traditional French manicure? Why not try the popular trend of 2024, the Baby French Manicure? It presents a more delicate and modern beauty.

嬰兒法式指甲 – 精緻優美超越傳統的法式美甲

喜歡乾淨優雅的傳統法式美甲嗎?不妨試試2024年流行的嬰兒法式美甲 Baby French Manicure,它呈現更微妙且現代的美感。

[Simple Nail Art Classroom 2] Rainbow French Tip

To give a fun new look to your classic French tips, get five shades of the rainbow ready.  Here we chose pink, yellow, blue, orange and purple.

[秋冬大熱] OPI Breakfast At Tiffany’s 系列 LED Gelcolor Soak Off Gel

OPI「Breakfast At Tiffany’s」LED Gelcolor Soak Off Gel 系列在今個秋冬已經成大熱!

2016 Hottest and coolest in nail art trends (3 of 3)

Now, here comes the third post on 2016’s favorite nail ideas.

Summer Promotion 2016 (Aug to Sept)

2 persons pedicure or manicure, 2nd person receives a discount of 50%! Dont miss out on this summer promotion!

三步簡易 DIY French Nails 法式美甲

之前也跟你們介紹過 DIY 專業修甲和 DIY 手部護理,今次不如介紹一下怎樣 DIY 塗 French Na […]

OPI Axxium Soak Off gel @ Clear Overlay GeL

還記得數月前我為你們推介的Thick Gel Sealer嗎?不知道你們用後感覺如何呢?在今季OPI除了推出了 […]

What Is American Manicure?

American Manicure American Manicure The main difference […]

什麼是美式修甲 (American Manicure)?

美式修甲 (American Manicure) 美式修甲 (American Manicure) 跟傳統修甲 […]