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[腳甲變灰甲唔駛怕] 德國足博士 Callusan 凝膠再生膏 Unguisan Nail Tincture

如果你真係不幸患上灰甲,唔好以為食藥就好快好,其實口服抗真菌藥物都有唔少副作用,之前我們真心推介過的 OPI Fungus Fix 已停產,在經一番搜尋下終於找到一隻類似的產品 ── 就是來自德國品牌足博士 (Callusan) 中的凝膠再生膏 (Unguisan Nail Tincture)。

4 ways to ease Dry Heels – Last Point is the most important

Dry heels is a common problem among men and women alike during change of seasons. What are the causes of dry heels? And how can we resolve this problem?

Fungal Nails love Humid Weather

The spring-summer season of Hong kong is notoriously hot and humid. Nail Fungus may easily find its way to you. It should be taken care of in a serious manner.

灰甲敵人 OPI Funger Fix + Germwise

最近天氣都是濕濕的,在香港見怪不怪。不過,千萬不要掉以輕心,霉菌最喜歡這種時分了!極力推介這兩個法寶對付引致灰甲的霉菌 !