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Elegant Halloween Nail Recommendations

Halloween is coming, and if you want to create gel nails that combine the holiday atmosphere with a fashionable style, we have some recommendations for simple yet elegant designs. Let’s see how we can create a Halloween ambiance while showcasing elegance and style, making you unique and charming during the festivities.

Spice up your Nails with Halloween Accents

The arrival of October is prompting us to get ready for Halloween. To give that nails some festive look, let me provide you with some spooky and ghoulish Halloween ideas.


踩入十月份,又到一年一度 #萬聖節 喇!指甲當然都要畫上充滿節日氣氛的公仔迎合節日,小編準備幾款加入萬聖節元素的指甲彩繪比大家參考。

[Easy and Erie] HALLOWEEN NAIL ART classroom

Halloween is creeping up fast. Are you planning to put on fancy costume and ghostly make-up? Any idea for your nails? Whether you want to be the bomb shell or you rather not be in the spotlight, here are some suggestion on nail design that can quickly add some spookiness on your fingertips.

[又靚又易學] 萬聖節 Halloween Nail Art 美甲彩繪教學


Charlie Brown 影迷注意! OPI 史路比《查理布朗的大南瓜》指甲油

4款OPI甲油包括了黃色、黑色,以及二枝閃片色系,分別代表史路比 (Snoopy)、查理布朗、露西和奈勒斯這四個角色。在迷你組中,除了有這四款指甲油外,還有十款美甲貼紙: 史路比圖樣、可愛的腳印及查理布朗球衣上經典的波浪圖型。

OPI Charlie Brown Limited edition for the Halloween of 2014 Nail Lacquer

Peanuts by OPI – Inspired by the American famous cartoon – Charlie Brown. Limited edition for the Halloween of 2014. 10 cute instant nail-art decals included.

鬼火咁靚! OPI HALLOWEEN 限定套裝 Rock Goddess Mini Polish Collection

一年一度的 HALLOWEEN 又到了,OPI 推出一套 MINI POLISH “Rock Goddess” 迎接節日的來臨,有最應節的南瓜橙色,還有至妖艷的黃青灰色,讓各位都變得「鬼火咁靚」。