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Simple Care for your Hands at Home

Frequent hand wash is the key to safeguard yourself from the virus epidemic. However, too much alcohol-based hand-rubs can seriously dry out the skin. Let me show you some simple steps to revitalize your rough hands that you can do at home.

酒精搓手液抽乾了皮膚水份? 齊來做個簡單手部護理


OPI AVOJUICE Hand Cream 花香味新成員

OPI AVOJUICE Hand Cream 手部護理潤手霜又有新成員了,今次的香味都是環繞花味,是紫羅蘭和牡丹及罌粟花,不會太俗氣也不會太甜,還有一套六枝的迷你OPI AVOJUICE以供選擇!

OPI AVOJUICE Hand Cream New Flowery Members

By OPI’s New Peony & Poppy, Violet Orchid hand cream as well as the new Mini package of 6 fragrances, you can pamper your hands and refresh your mind with different fragrances every day!

Receive (NICOLE) by OPI nail polish for free after purchasing OPI Avoplex Handcream set

Keep happy spirit for our “special 9th anniversary” with Rainbow Nails! Receive 1 (NICOLE) by OPI Nail polish for free after purchasing 1 set of “Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Oil + High-intensity Hand & Nail Cream”.

Rainbow Nails 9週年第二驚喜! 買指定 OPI 牛油果滋潤修護系列送 OPI 指甲油一枝

購買 OPI “牛油果滋潤修護系列” 的 Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Oil 和 High-intensity Hand & Nail Cream 即送一支 NICOLE by OPI 指甲油 (可自由選擇顏色)。