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[浸甩 Soak Off Gel 都可健康] OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover

有很多愛甲朋友仔都會擔心浸 Soak Off Gel 的藥水來源,成份…怕浸甩後甲面變黃,乾到出一撻撻白點,其實這情況在 OPI Expert Touch Remover 就不會發生。

Fashion Trends & Learn Nail Art: CND YouTube Channel

It’s the best way to learn nail art and fashion trends at the same time!

指甲油大比拼! OPI Polish vs Nicole vs CND Vinylux 特點比較

OPI, Nicole 和 CND Vinylux 幾種指甲油究竟有甚麼分別?

The Brightest, The most Brazilian – OPI LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel Brazil Collection

The brightest, the most Brazilian looking-like 4 pieces among the OPI Brazil collection nail lacquer.

Goodbye Glitter! OPI New Natural Nail Base Coat can help you remove glitter coats in seconds

Apply this OPI Natural Nail Base Coat before applying color lacquers, and then peel the whole the lacquer off!

閃粉再見! OPI全新配方 Glitter Off 底油 讓你輕鬆清除整塊指甲油


超級透薄! 如何運用 OPI Sheer Tints Collection 指甲油

對於喜歡 NAIL ART 的朋友,這四枝 OPI Sheer Tints Collection 指甲油 NAIL POLISH 一定不能錯過。油如其名──Sheer,真的超級透薄,還有幾種用法!

How to apply OPI Sheer Tints Collection Lacquer like this?

French Effect? Nail Art? Amazing! Is it really OPI Sheer Tints Collection? How to apply like this?

Mirror Finishing! OPI Gwen Stefani Collection Metallic Color Lacquer

Get this mirror like reflective finishing. No top coat is needed.

Nail Art 恩物! Sheers Tints By OPI 快將推出

對於喜歡NAIL ART的朋友,這四枝 OPI NAIL POLISH 指甲油一定令你有驚喜;質地十分透薄,易上色,較容易控制,我建議使用於:漸變色、格仔、橫間直間。