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[Get Gel Anywhere] LED Gel Nail Flash Light

It looks like a flashlight. When you open the cap, there is a transparent gel tip with blue light. What is this, really?

[缷甲大忌] 這個缷下 Gel 甲的大忌,你有沒有試過?

LED Soak Off Gel甲不用特別打理又可以維持至少兩星期的時間,深受不少女生歡迎,但卸下Gel甲時有一個大忌…

Mistakes People usually make when Removing LED Soak Off Gel

Some people may skip going to the salon after hold up LED soak off gel for weeks. They will attempt to pull the gel off by themselves without realizing that this could be a big mistake…

Soak Off Gel Promotion (July and August 2018)

Soon it will be Summer ! It is time to prepare your han […]

[優惠] 週日手腳護理優惠


Gel甲 vs 水晶甲 vs Soak Off Gel vs LED Soak Off Gel 比較

有很多客戶和朋友,尤其是第一次接觸人造甲的都會有同一個疑問:究竟 Gel甲、水晶甲、Soak Off Gel (可卸式凝膠甲)和LED Soak Off Gel (LED可卸式凝膠甲)有什麼分別?就讓我們和各位簡單比較一下。