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[香車美人] OPI 福特 Mustang 跑車系列 Ford Mustang Collection 指甲油

顧名思義是與福特汽車的crossover吧!名車總是與美人連在一起;而 OPI,與美不能分割的一個大品牌,今次都為慶祝 Mustang 型號跑車50週年,添上些色彩!系列共有6個顏色,你又有否見過噴上這些顏色的 Mustang 跑車呢?

OPI Ford Mustang Collection Nail Lacquer

A collaboration of OPI with Ford for celebrating the 50th anniversary of the classic Ford Mustang. Have you ever see automobiles in these 6 colors of shades too?