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Nail Clippers are not enough

People normally clip their fingernails once every couple of weeks. It is easy to end up with some annoying sharp corners. Try going over with a nail file.

What to do with Hiker’s Toenails?

I have been getting a lot of clients who love the great outdoor. Some of them may even go hiking a few times a week. This great exercise definitely can give you a lot of fresh air and great health. However, doing it too much can have some downsides on your toenails.

Why do I get Bumpy Nails?

Bumpy nails are not just unsightful. They can be a sign of health problem. Let us dig into the cause of bumpy nails here.

Foods that strengthen Nails

You have probably already know what kinds of food are good for the skin. How about your nails?

What do abnormal nails try to tell you about your health?

Abnormal and unhealthy looking nails may mean serous underlying diseases in the body. Such as Clubbing, Loose nails and pitting nails, and Black strips running down the nail.