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Goodbye Glitter! OPI New Natural Nail Base Coat can help you remove glitter coats in seconds

Apply this OPI Natural Nail Base Coat before applying color lacquers, and then peel the whole the lacquer off!

閃粉再見! OPI全新配方 Glitter Off 底油 讓你輕鬆清除整塊指甲油


OPI指甲油優惠 (八月 ,九月 2013)

本月凡購買兩支OPI指甲油 ,即可免費獲得OPI面油或 OPI底油乙支。 現售:$270 原價 $420 只接 […]

OPI Nail Lacquers Promotion (August and September 2013)

Buy 2 OPI Nail Lacquers and receive a free OPI Top coat […]

OPI Base Coat – Keeping the beautifully painted lacquer long lasting

How to keep the beautifully painted lacquer long lasting? Besides your polishing technique, proper tools are prerequisite to a perfect manicure! Coating (the base and top coat) is another important aspect that always being neglected, and which makes your home-made lacquer looks different than a salon one! So let’s talk about base coat in this article.

OPI Base Coat @ 做出完美甲油 – 使用適當的底油