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Dries Instantly! OPI Pure Nail Lacquer Apps

Patterns of nail art made up of 100% Real OPI Nail Lacquer. It is thin, easy to apply, long lasting and they DRIES INSTANTLY!

不同價錢的洗甲水 (Nail Polish Remover) 應如何選購?

到底劣質洗甲水 (Nail Polish Remover) 到底會帶給指甲什麼壞影響呢?不同的洗甲水又應該怎麼選購?

July-August OPI Gift Set Product Promotion( July & August 2012)

Gift set for you and your best friend , only $200 for a […]

OPI 專業觸感指甲油清除劑優惠(五月,六月2012)

本月凡惠顧任何可卸式甲油服務,即可以半價購買專業觸感指甲油清除劑乙支 原價 $70

OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover Product Promotion( May & June 2012)

50% off on the OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover upon pu […]


凡惠顧任何美甲服務可享八折優惠購買 OPI迷利護甲套裝 OPI Nail Enchancement Mini […]

OPI Nail Enchancement Mini Case(May-June Product Promotion)

If you Purchase any service you can enjoy 20% off for O […]

4步完美卸除 O.P.I Axxium Soak Off Gel

上次跟大家簡單談過4步運用O.P.I Soak Off Gel Lacquer的基本步驟,今次就講解一下卸卸除 […]