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Nail Art for luck in Finding Romance

Let the shade of peach blossom brings you luck in finding romance, or becoming more stable in a relationship!

[Japanese Nail Art] Ease your Heart of Longing

At this time you still don’t know when you can fly to Japan. Do some Japanese nail art to comfort your earning now?

[Simple Nail Art Classroom 3] Galaxy Sticker

Did you enjoy our previous classroom posts on Circular Sticker and Rainbow French tips?  In this post, we are making a simple nail art with the once very popular galaxy sticker.  A black base maybe what comes to mind first, but other shades may work just as well. 

[Pink Season] OPI Libson Collection LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

Finally they have arrived in Hong Kong! The ones we have been waiting for.   Not only nail polishes, OPI 2018 Spring Lisbon LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel Collection is also here.  Let us focus on the different pink shades. 

[櫻花粉紅] OPI 2018春季系列 Lisbon LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

到啦到啦! 上一次介紹的OPI 2018春季系列Lisbon指甲油到港,緊接著 LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel 也都來了,重點是有不同深淺的粉紅色,又有閃粉又有Pastel!

OPI 2018 Spring Collection – Lisbon by OPI Has Arrived!

Inspired by the Vibrant capital city of Portugal, OPI brings you 2018 Lisbon Spring/Summer Collection. Twelve shades which are mainly pastels range from pinkish white to rose pink. However do not miss out the very attractive mustard yellow and sky blue too.

[Coming Soon] OPI 2018 Spring Collection – Lisbon

Happy Chinese New Year!  Brighten up your Year of Dog with the fun colors of OPI 2018 Lisbon Collection. It will be available soon.   So stay with us!

2018春季OPI指甲油系列 ─ Lisbon終於到港

到啦到啦!2018春季OPI指甲油系列 ─ Lisbon終於到港,以不同深淺的粉紅色作成套系列的主要顏色,無論對鍾情粉紅色女生,還有喜愛特別顏色的女生都一一能滿足到。

OPI 2018春季系列色彩── Lisbon即將誕生

新年快樂!新一年OPI為大家迎接新春,2018春季系列色彩─ Lisbon即將誕生,密切留意。

[Nail Art Classroom] Beat the Heat with Refreshing Nail Colors!

Give yourself a refreshing look with these cool and eye-catching nail colors through this hot and sticky summer!