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爆裂的Nicole! 6色爆裂質感 Nicole by OPI Texture coat 指甲油

風靡一時的OPI Shatter大家試過了嗎?Nicole by OPI其實也推出過Texture coat,一樣是爆裂甲油,分別有六個顏色:白、土耳其藍、銀、紅、金及黑,任意搭配不同底色,創造不同的效果。

Shatter from Nicole by OPI! OPI Nicole Texture Coat Collection

Inspired by OPI’s Shatter collection, Nicole by OPI has also launched a collection of Texture coats include Turquoise, Black, White, Silver, Red and Gold.

OPI Shatter Collection- 裂紋甲油

實在等得我的頸也長了好幾厘米,終於等到這個系列到香港了!試過黑色的Shatter後,很多客人也追問到底何時有其 […]