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OPI New Polish – The Amazing Spider-man

As you can imagine, for “The Amazing Spiderman”, color-wise the choice was definitely Blue + Red. Though Spiderman’s Blue + Red costume is quite manly, when they are separately used on nails, they are very classic nail colors! With the Green Shatter in this collection, you just can’t stop thinking about his spider web! Watch out for the glamorous green! Highly recommended.

OPI New Polish – Spider-man 蜘蛛俠:驚世現新

以Spiderman為題的話,藍+紅,絶對是”冇走雞”必有的色!加上OPI爆烈紋系列,合巧便帶出蜘蛛網的主題。蜘蛛俠的紅與藍不用說,其實算是很經典的顏色,我認為藉得推介的是NL M36 – Just Spotted the Lizard – 是一支幻彩的綠色,很有潛質成為大熱。