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很多香港人都喜歡逛逛 $12 店,重點就是價廉物美又到處都有一間! 最近 Daiso 就帶來了 2022 年夏天限定款式指甲貼,讓大家除了 Gel 甲之外都可以有另一個選擇。

Pretty Toenails

Summertime is sandal-time. Kick out the boring plain nail color on your toenails and give it a new look by using stamps or stickers. Here is a cute design created with a stamped.

[Simple Nail Art Classroom 3] Galaxy Sticker

Did you enjoy our previous classroom posts on Circular Sticker and Rainbow French tips?  In this post, we are making a simple nail art with the once very popular galaxy sticker.  A black base maybe what comes to mind first, but other shades may work just as well. 

[Simple Nail Art Classroom 1] Round Stickers

In the upcoming posts, we are going to show you some easy and effortless DIY nail art.  First, let us play around with round stickers here.