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[Nail Art 教學] Swarovski Crystal Pixie 水晶砂指甲油美甲彩繪教學篇

看了兩套用 Swarovski Crystal Pixie 水晶砂而做的 NAIL ART 後,是不是都有一股衝動想試下呢?等我來一個很簡單的教學,比塗甲油更容易、更快捷。

[Nail Art Classroom] Swarovski Crystal Pixie Nail Design

We have shown you some gorgeous nail art designs with Swarovski Crystal Pixie in the previous two lessons. This time, we are going to teach you step by step a no-none sense way of application that is simple but stunning.

[Nail Art in Grey] SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL PIXIE – Rock Shock

Rock Shock, the Swarovski Crystal Pixie Collection, contains a grey base color, and tiny unfaceted star shaped crystals which is brilliant for nail art.

[Light Hormanic] SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL PIXIE – Cute Mood

The third set of SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL PIXIE is called Cute […]


終於終於到了 Swarovski Crystal Pixie 水晶砂美甲閃石壓軸的一套「ROCK SHOCK」,今次帶點小新意,選用不同度數的灰作底色,撇走一陣陣「灰」氣!


Swarovski Crystal Pixie 美甲水晶砂第三套叫作「CUTE MOOD」,一看就知已可愛的路線為主!四套中唯一以淺色作底色,配用透明及白色的水晶砂…

Crystal pixie d.rush – the stunning SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL PIXIE nail art color

This color from Swarovski Crystal Pixie is particularly suitable in complementing dark outfits. The color comprises golden and black crystals.

野性的 Swarovski CrystalPixie「Deluxe Rush」水晶砂閃石

話咁快又要繼續為大家介紹 Swarovski CrystalPixie,第二套名為「Deluxe Rush」,在四套之中其中一套明顯看見有不同顏色的水晶砂。

Brilliant Black Crystal: Classy Sassy from CRYSTAL PIXIE by SWAROVSKI

The black crystal sand, “Classy Sassy”, matches the base color of dark violet or deep red, and looks elegant and mysterious.

[Sparkle your nail] Crystal Pixie by Swarovski

Swarovski for your nails! It is tiny cut and round crystals which sparkle your nails and allows you to create your nails anytime.