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[有冇試過著鞋好痛?] 嵌甲點算好

嵌甲(Ingrown toenail)是常常發生於腳部,很好時於激烈跑動、腳步的變換;又或者長時間穿高踭鞋久站,都有可能讓鞋子壓迫到腳趾,導致腳趾甲往內生長,產生嵌甲。以下就告知大家如何保護好腳趾甲。

What to do with Hiker’s Toenails?

I have been getting a lot of clients who love the great outdoor. Some of them may even go hiking a few times a week. This great exercise definitely can give you a lot of fresh air and great health. However, doing it too much can have some downsides on your toenails.

Can Over-cut Nails lead to Abscesses?

It is commonly believe that keeping the nails extremely short is a good hygiene practice. However, recently a student who over cut his toenails and it himself up with chronic paronychia.