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Pointed Toe Insoles

Pointed high-heels give a great executive image to working mothers but god knows how much it hurts, especially since the pointy top squeezes the toes up so tightly. How can we relieve it?

Safety Helmets for the Toes!

It is an agony to stumble over a furniture at home. The toes can hurt so bad! Now, your toes can be protected by little safety helmets…

[Nail Care Regime] Corns vs Common Warts

99.9% of people mix up corns and common warts. Since they look so much alike, they often get mistreated. It is worth it to take a closer look at these two diseases. How are corns and common warts different from each other?

[Reasons of Thick Toe Nails] 5 Causes you must know (I)

Are your toenails growing thicker? Have you thought of thick toenails could be a sign of health problems?

How to soothe discomfort by Ingrown Toenail?

Ingrown toenail (Onychocryptosis) is a common Condition. People with severely deformed nails can easily be affected by this problem. How to soothe discomfort by Ingrown toenail?

CND Shellac 腳部護理連Gel甲優惠 (2014年6-7月)

出陽光了,一眾女士要到沙灘曬太陽,快來試以買一送一優惠享受OPI LED Gelcolor 或 CND Shellac SOAK OFF GEL腳部護理 (連修腳),跟人拍下踏著熱熱的沙那種喜悅吧!

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE for OPI Soak Off Gel for Toes Package with Pedicure and Scrub (June / July 2014 Promotion)

Get the Buy 1 Get 1 FREE offer for Soak Off Gel Nails for Toes Package with Pedicure and Scrub at Rainbow Nails in this summer!