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6 Tips to make your Nail Polish Last Longer

Most people apply their nail polish by pulling the brush from the base to tip in one stroke. This way may be quick but it will not last long.  What is the secret of professional manicurists that makes the polish so long-lasting?

[搽指甲油教學] 5個貼士令你可以做出美甲師的效果


[Nail Polish] I always paint out a mess, WHY?

It is not hard to apply nail polish as neat as a pro.  Keep in mind the following five steps.

CND Shellac Duraforce – The advance strong and durable Top Coat

Introducing CND’s new Shellac Duraforce top coat.  The advance Gel Top Coat is formulated to provide strong and durable protection for week and brittle nails.

[更堅硬] CND Shellac Duraforce-Gel Top Coat 面油

好久都沒有更新CND的產品了,最近推出了突破性技術新配方Gel Top Coat 面油 ─ CND Shellac Duraforce 效果更堅硬,為薄弱 / 受損 / 易斷的指甲帶來強效保護。

Keep Your Nails Healthy with OPI Pro Health Base and Top Coat

Now you can have healthier nails even when you wear your favorite soak off gel shades for a long time. Introducing OPI Pro Health Gelcolor top and base coats. The Pro Health system can protect while moisturizing, minimizing damages to the real nails. 

CND SHELLAC XPRESS 5 Top Coat & new LED Lamp cut curing time in half

A new generation of CND LED Lamp is launched —- for express curing and easier removal!

CND SHELLAC XPRESS 5 面油 配合新一代LED燈機照燈時間減半

CND除了UV LIGHT外,現在有新一代LED LIGHT,照燈時間只需要以前的一半,利用人體工程學設計,能準確照射指甲範圍,還申請專利。配合新出的XPRESS 5 TOP COAT,能維持14天以上,更持久更明亮;而卸除只需5分鐘呢!

Nicole by OPI的各種指甲護理產品


Shinny, Matte, Glitter – How to use OPI “Top This” Top Coat

We are faced with dilemma when choosing our nails top coat. In the pictures below, we show you 5 color tones of them with Shinny, Matte and Glitter finishing.