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2011 OPI New Product Launch Seminar – OPI LED Gel Color

OPI Gel Color

Last October, O.P.I invited me to join their 2-day new product launch seminar in Kuala Lumpur. Although I knew there will be tons of work waiting for me after the trip, I still had to make time for their exciting new product launch.
O.P.I hosts a new product launch seminar once every two years. All Licensed O.P.I Educators from different countries in Asia are invited. The company does not only introduce the latest nail art trends from the US, but also brings us their brand new O.P.I products. Being the first to try out new products is great, but to have the opportunity to meet old friends is even better. Sharing trends in different countries is the number one conversation topic. After that we talk about different products from other brands. The more you know the better you can be. Right?
On the first day, Scott Smith, the O.P.I Asia Manager, introduced us to the new educators from Japan, Thailand, etc.. Then Joey Brown, the chief educator and O.P.I spokeswoman, started to demonstrate the ALL NEW O.P.I LED Gel Color. This new product uses an LED system to solidify which makes it so much better than the old series. If you want to know more about the ALL NEW O.P.I LED Gel Color, you may click this.
After the demonstration, it was our turn to practice on each other. It is always good to practice with people from different places so we can learn from each other. I was hoping to learn new Soak-Off Gel skills from the new Japanese Educator. However, Soak-off Gel is not popular in Japan. The Japanese like Bio Sculpture Gel plus stickers and glamorous 3D nail arts far more. So the Japanese Educator felt she learned more about Soak-Off Gel techniques from us.
After an enjoyable night with my old friends, we continued our seminar with Joey Brown demonstrating 2D and 3D nail arts by the O.P.I LED Gel Color. It looked great in both styles! No matter it is 界花 or 貼閃石, each of them had fantastic results. Time flies when you are having fun, especially when you are working on something very time consuming. The second day seminar finished with lots of laughter and fun.
After every product launch seminar, O.P.I treats us to a delicious meal which is always great fun. I will definitely miss everyone there! It is always exciting to see more new products and latest trends from around the world. I look forward to attending the next one in two years time.

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