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OPI Fungus Fix & Heidi’s Germwise Spray – Treat your Toe Fungus in Humid Summer

My toenails are growing in weird shape; have a funny smell……..is it Toe Fungus?

Summer in Hong Kong is hot and very humid, yet most of places are air-conditioned; hot…cold…hot…cold…perfect for fungus! Especially when our toes are squeezed in high heels; wrapped in socks all day; wearing flip-flop walking on the street etc. All these create risks of having fungus…even if you’re regularly having a pedicure. If you’re doing your own pedicure, look thoroughly at the toenails condition; if you’re having a professional pedicure, make sure it’s a clean one beauty salon where the and employ sanitize their tools professionals who check your nails carefully! Wearing artificial nails may also lead to fungus if the artificial nails start lift off from the real nails, the gap between the two can hold moist. Moisture the perfect place for fungus.

So What is Toe Fungus?

To put it simply, it’s caused by a microscopic fungus that lives on dead tissue of the hair, toenails, and outer skin layers. Signs and symptoms include yellowing of the toenail; nails growing thick but the surface is brittle; having a peculiar smell; pain etc. A very common Infectious area is the big toe, in fact it also happens on the skin, area like in between each toes; or on calluses.

If you’re suffering from toe fungus, start a home treatment immediately!

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OPI Fungus Fix – concentrated yet gentle formula for treating the problem; you will notice an improvement after DAILY continuous application for 2 to 3 weeks.

Heidi’s Germwise Spray – NON ALCOHOLIC formula which kills 99.9% all germs/fungus yet will NOT dehydrate skin or create prickling feeling. Can use on all body parts (of course DO NOT directly spray on eyes). SAFE FOR BABY AND PETS.

Application method:

Clean both feet, dry thoroughly with tissues (towel not suggested though we want to be eco friendly…). Spray Heidi’s Germwise on feet, let dry, apply 2-3 drops of OPI Fungus Fix on affected area. REMEMBER: KEEP THE TIP OF THE BOTTLE AWAY FROM AFFECTED AREA! AND DO NOT SKIP ONE SINGLE DAY! Daily application needed until recovered; continuously apply for 2-3 weeks or more even after cured.

Use Germwise on your shoes too!

Consult a specialist if above home treatment is not working.

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