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What Is American Manicure?

American Manicure

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American Manicure

The main difference between Traditional Manicure and American Manicure is the equipment used, an electrical “handpiece” with 2 different attachments, a round sander and a triangular grinder.

3 Easy Steps To Do American Manicure:

  1. Sanitize both hands, then remove the hard skin around the nails using the sander with an appropriate spinning revolution. This is particular helpful to people who has agnail and tends to tear them off by hands, because the sander would smoothen the breach and prevent agnail to grow again.
  2. Tidy up the cuticle using the triangular grinder, and IF necessary, use a clipper to clear excessive cuticle.
  3. Finally use a file to shape the nails. Clean hands, moisturize with cuticle oil, hand cream; apply polish or buff.

American Manicure VS Traditional Manicure

Traditional Manicure

American Manicure

Using Clippers or pusher etc, easier to control, portable and can do it anywhere. A specially designed buffing machine. Relatively cleaner and hygienic because a new sander will be used each time.
Soak hands in water to soften the skin. It is a waterless process, therefore saving time.
The idea is to clip all the hard skin away. This stimulating the skin to grow faster. Chances of clipping too deep, leads to bleeding, and infection. The concept is to even out and smooth the hard-dead skin, not completely eliminate them. Therefore the adverse effect of traditional manicure would be greatly reduced.
Clipping will lead to breaches; increase the chances of having hangnail. The newly grow skin will be softer and smoother.
Same equipment is used for all clients, if not sterilized completely might lead to infection New sander will be used each time.
Maintain 4-6 days Maintain 8-10 days

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