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OPI Educator
Helen Leung - OPI Educator in Hong Kong

Helen Leung

19 years of nail care practice with experience of competitions and further educations in nail servicing worldwide Led Helen to open Rainbow Nails in 2004. After a lot of different international and professional qualifications, she was honorably authorized by OPI to become an Official OPI Educator in 2005.

O.P.I Nail Beautician and Professional Make-up Artist
Introductory Course

- Presented by an O.P.I Educator and an experienced Professional Make-up artist

Every woman wants to be pretty, but the problem is "How to become pretty?" Rainbow Nails is now ready to give you the answer. This introductory course provides full training to those who want to know more about the modern beauty sector (Nails and Make-up).

With the benefit of a small class environment, participants will be able to gain valuable experience from step-by-step professional guidance to develop advanced practical skills.

Course Features
  • The course is organized and held by an O.P.I. Educator from Hong Kong and an experienced Professional Make-up artist
  • An O.P.I certificate will be awarded
  • The class hours are flexible and this is especially suitable for those are planning to work in the beauty sector
  • Bridging course to O.P.I Complete Nail Technology Certificate Course
  • We use O.P.I products in nail class
  • We use major cosmetic brands including Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, MAC, Adjuvant, Max Factor, Chanel, Christian Dior, etc., in Make-up class
  • The course fee includes O.P.I nail tools and product pack
  • You can get a free beauty pack from Japan (Worth HK$1,500)

Course Duration : 6-10 Hours
Fee: $6,888-$8,888

* Enjoy more benefits to enroll together with friend


Course Content

1. American Manicure Course - 2 Hours

  • Appropriate professional skills of cleansing, sanitization and use of tools;
  • Appropriate professional skills of filing skill;
  • Use of shiner and polishing.

2. Professional Pedicure Course - 2 hours

  • Appropriate professional skills of cleansing, sanitization and use of tools;
  • Efficient removal of feet calluses;
  • Appropriate professional filing skill;
  • Use of shiner and polishing.

3. O.P.I Axxium Soak Off Gel Course - 2 Hours

  • Procedure of using O.P.I Axxium Soak Off Gel Lacquer;
  • Application and colour mix and match tips;
  • Appropriate professional skills in the way to Soak-Off Gel Lacquer and remove of O.P.I Axxium Soak-Off Gel Lacquer

4. Make-up and Skin care course - 4 Hours

  • Emergency skin care, facial massage, colour mix and match, and make-up technique;
  • Guidance on emergency skin care and choosing individualized cosmetic product;
  • Guidance on choosing product for regular skin care product and pre-make-up preparation;
  • Training on make-up technique and proper position for magnificent effect;
  • Training on facial massage;
  • Guidance on product and colour combination and modern trend.


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