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Nail Party with Kids! Fulfill daughter’s birthday wish – to look like mom!

Nail Party Girls

To kill two birds with one stone is such a signature, important feature to possess, if, you have been an expat in HK for some time.  Also gathering with only food and drinks probably can’t satisfy you any longer!  Believe that is why recently we have got many enquiries about a Nail Party!  Yes, Party + Manicure, isn’t it cool?

In fact, it’s not something new, we have been doing these in house manicure services for more than 5 years: wine tasting, birthday party, bridal shower etc.  Yet there were two parties I found memorable and worth sharing – 1st one is a birthday party for a group of little girls.  A client contacted us for organizing a manicure party for her little daughter and friends, and very surprisingly they were only aged from 5-7.  As a professional nail technician our first response was “no way”, “not worth it” because they can’t wear it to school; they won’t be able to stay still and let the lacquer dry… isn’t this a waste of money?  But the client said she just wanted to fulfill her daughter’s birthday wish – to look like mom!

The way of how this mammy organized this party amazed me and I had truly experienced the challenge of being a competent Mom nowadays!  When we arrived, the door opened, accompanied with non-stop giggles + a group of smiling faces dressed princesses and fairies welcomed us.  They were then divided in groups, some doing manicure some having cup cakes and snacks and finally after all of them have their manicure done, their favorite cartoon was waiting for them so they can stay still and let the lacquer dry!  Painting 10 different colors on each nails exhausted us, our ears hurt…by the laughter, but this was the best nail party we have ever encountered.  Full of joy and satisfaction; and brought us the long lost feeling of innocence.

Nail Party

The 2nd one is a baby shower!  A client organized this for her friends to visit her new born – pampering themselves with a manicure at the same time exchanging information!  Yes, seriously lots of information!  We felt like we’ve experienced the whole pregnancy and delivery process – OUCH!  Instead of providing manicure service we felt like we’ve attended a pregnancy seminar!  About ointment for preventing stretch mark, proper underwear, diet, the best hospitals, bathing an infant, local & international schools comparison blablabla……

The client and her friends liked this idea a lot as most of them are also moms with kids, they are busy and because usually they avoid doing nail lacquer during pregnancy, they’ve been waiting for 10 months to do this!  If coincidently you’re planning for a baby shower this is really a good idea, as our client says “the new born needs to sleep, we can’t keep staring at them sleeping, better have some fun for ourselves!”


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